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How do I compare phone plans?
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You need to know what's important to you. Unlimited data? Price? International texting? Use our advanced filtering to see what carriers offer the features that are most important to you. Just enter your zip code or browse by city.

How are your carrier ratings calculated?

We scour the internet on validated 3rd party review sites and pull average ratings so that you get it all in one place.

How do I switch phone plans?

When you see a phone plan that you like, just click on the view plan button and you'll be directed to that carrier's website where you can follow their instructions on how to switch. Some carriers do it faster (more automated) than others!

Can i bring my own phone to a new Plan?

Most carriers will allow you to bring your own phone, though it does need to be off of contract, completely paid for and unlocked.

Are cheap phone plans reliable?

For the most part, you get what you pay for. If you are someone that requires little data because you can hop on wifi often, then you might benefit a lot from a cheaper phone plan offered by an MVNO (smaller provider that is not ATT / Verizon / Tmobile)

What is an MVNO?

MVNOs are simply phone brands (carriers) that do not have cell phone towers (aka, wireless network); instead, they piggyback off of a major network's towers so that you get coverage. You may get a cheaper plan, but you may experience slower data when the big networks prioritize their own customers over you.

How do you calculate best value Phone Plans?

Best value is calculated by dividing the Plan Price by GB of Data. Note: Plans with unlimited data are set to 250 GB so that we have a propper baseline and are comparing apples to apples.

Do you factor in Throttling?

Throttling is a very hard metric to extrapulate from every carrier, because you don't know exactly when they are going to do it and you don't know how often and at what consumption of data + speeds (even though carriers try to warn you beforehand). Reviews definitely take into account service and throttling, so carriers with better reviews usually do better at providing faster, more reliable network speeds.

How do you calculate best overall Phone Plans?

Best overall value takes into account Price, GB of Data, Minutes, Texts, Best Value Score, Number of Features, and Average Rating, each with different weights associated with them varying by importance.

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